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Medical Physics, Health Physics and Radiation Protection

Contex Environment has developed a solid expertise in radiation protection for the industrial as well as medical sectors.



Medical physics and radiation shielding

Our quality control programs in diagnostic radiology help to keep the performance of the devices used at the highest level and to reduce radiation doses received by patients and staff. Our radiation protection programs in radiology are recognized by the Canadian College of Radiologists and the Canadian College of Medical Physicists. We are also experts in the design of shielding materials for X-ray installations or any other type of radiation emitting device, including major nuclear installations.

The following tasks are commonly performed :

Manipulation of nuclear substances

  • Shielding, containment, liaison with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Medical and dental imaging

  • Assessment of equipment and safety performance for patients and operators
  • Validation in accordance with the requirements of the Public Health Protection Act (Qc) and recommendations of the Quebec Association of Biomedical Physicists and Engineers

All aspects of safety and quality of the environment are covered