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Hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields
Jean-Pierre Gauvin, MSc.A, CIH, ROH, EP, R(CRPA)

The effects of electromagnetic fields on health is a growing concern. Totally absent from our world before the introduction of electricity and radio at the end of the nineteenth century (the first telegraphs, light bulb and radio were developed by Thomas Edison in 1866 and Marconi in 1894) it is impossible today to find terrestrial areas completely exempts from them. Many researchers have associated electromagnetic fields of all frequencies with effects on biological systems. Some report that the range of intensities likely to manifest effects goes well beyond the generally accepted normative limits. Is it plausible that some individuals can experience deleterious effects of radio waves, microwaves and very low frequency waves at intensities much lower than the recognized limits? Is it possible that certain animal cells exposed to very low intensity fields may be affected by metabolic changes?

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